About us

Once upon a time two young people, born in the opposite ends of Europe, fell in love and decided to start out together in the journey of life. Their shared passion for travelling, different cultures and hospitality, combined with business experience, entrepreneurial attitude and practical life circumstances somehow naturally resulted in a birth of a DREAM…

Lisbon Dreams Guest House is a special place in the heart of beautiful Lisbon. Since May 2009 Lisbon Dreams GH has had its doors and heart open to thousands of travellers from all over the world. Every day of this journey has been an adventure aiming to provide quality hospitality experience for anyone passing by.

As a family business, Lisbon Dreams GH has always given a lot of value to the people involved. The people working at the guest house become part of the extended family, helping to provide a simple and genuine service from the heart to all our guests.

The Lisbon Dreams Guest House is located on the first and second floor of a charming old building with a premium location.
Breakfast is the most important meal of all! Here you’ll feel the comfort of being in your own home but with the simple luxury of being our guest.
Your day will start in a bright and healthy environment, with the fuel needed for a day of adventures.


Bathrooms can truly make a difference in the comfort of your staying.
Shared between rooms, they’re always clean, fresh and cozy, waiting for your arrival.


If you’re too tired to go out but don’t want to go to bed, the living room is the best choice. Here you’ll be able to use our notebooks and access the Internet for free, share the best moments of your vacations, watch TV or even hang out with other guests.

Enjoy a moment of solitude and catch up on your reading. There is something for everyone among the literary pearls and travel literature left behind by fellow travelers.


Our guests are welcome to have a cup of coffee or tea throughout the day.